Are You Suffering From Adulthood?

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Are you suffering from adulthood?

One way to know for sure is by asking yourself when was the last time you felt amazing and how long that feeling last?

Are you happy with your answer?
If not, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, as we get further and further along in our life journey we get distracted by this and that…and now is the time to end all of that.

Life is not something you survive, or suffer through. Life is your time to thrive. Take in all that your amazing life has to offer.

Play Time is one of the Happitunities ~ The best investment of time in yourself, your connections and your creativity, or as we refer to them at Effortless Living, Me Time, We Time and Play Time. These are collectively referred to as “Happitunities.” Studies have proven the best investment of your time for your health, prosperity and happiness, is the time you spend enjoying Happitunities.

Adults aren’t supposed to play!
At some point we learned adults aren’t supposed to enjoy play time. As a result we make ourselves too busy and decide there are more important things to do. It turns out, there are few things more important to your well-being than play. A study led by Alan Krueger, a Princeton researcher, found we are happiest when we are at play.

The Key to Happiness
It’s time to tear down the walls we’ve built being the person we are told to be, so we can be the person we know deep inside we really are. In a social environment where only 7% of the population have achieved well-being in their lives, society has told us play time is a luxury we cannot afford. It’s time to flip the switch. Play time is a destination that is all about the journey –the actual experience makes us happier people. By allowing guilt free, purposeless Play Time into our lives we are better able to connect on a meaningful level with ourselves and others.

When is there time for play?

It’s always play time. Bring joy and enthusiasm to everything you do. I write this knowing full well how difficult it is, but it’s a must to make more of your everyday. If you find bringing joy and enthusiasm to your everyday, the schedule more Play Time.

It really is that simple. Focus on tasks each day that matter and make a real impact on your workload. When you need a break plan one. Don’t get caught up in busy-ness that fills your time, but doesn’t help your productivity.
What does Play Time do for us?

Play Time connects you with who you really are and the things you enjoy and fulfill you. This is where happiness comes from, that feeling of fulfillment. Researchers say the more we absorb ourselves in the joy of what we are doing the happier we are.

Play Time helps align us with our deepest needs and be in the present moment. Your ability to enjoy Play Time is directly linked to a positive mood and a happier life because it buffers the effects of stress on your immune system and amplifies your vitality.

Studies show Play Time in the office increases performance and sparks creativity.

Put It To Work: Look at your agenda and schedule Play Time, either on your own or with a partner or two. Remember make this purposeless and fun. Laying in bed while checking your emails is not going to do it. Act goofy, let the big belly laughs rip. Go down a slide, fly a kite, or catch a Frisbee, whatever you decide to do do enjoy it. This is your life and you are in control of the joy you experience.

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Carmen PerezAre You Suffering From Adulthood?

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