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We are your leisure travel experts specializing in planning your vacation. We design your trip around your travel style and passions in life sending you to the most incredible destinations around the globe. So where do you imagine yourself? Let’s make it happen! Time waits for no one!

All Inclusive Resorts

We’ve got you covered. Whether you need couples only or family resort we will guide you in your decision process.

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European Tours

Nothing beats the charm of a European vacation. Whether fully independent or fully guided we will help you put all the moving pieces in place.

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Sail Away

Unpack once aboard your floating hotel. Let us help you match the right ship to your sailing style, be it ocean or river.

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G’Day Mates

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find yourself. There is no better place for doing this than in the vast uncrowded landscape of Australia.

Prepare for a life-changing adventure in a land of friendly people, ancient culture, unusual animals and diverse cities. It is time for you to go Walkabout and discover why there is nothing like Australia.

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(yo-rah nah)

Welcome to the enchanting Islands of Tahiti. A realm of sweet aromas, white sands, and endless blue waters. The islands and her people will envelope you like the sweet sound of siren’s song. It is a place where all five of your senses will come alive. Prepare to be embraced by the mana.


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Awesome Testimonials

  • You did an AMAZING job picking this place for me and convincing me to come to DR. I do have to say, this was the MOST amazing and memorable Birthday/vacation/etc I have had so far in the 30 years I have been alive! Thank you SOOOOOOO much for making my 30th Birthday Wonderful and Unforgettable.

    Marta – Memphis, TN
  • Oh my gosh it was freaking fabulous!!! We loved everything about it. The resort was awesome, transportation was awesome and it was all because of you!!!!!! Matter of fact we wanna do it again sometime next year so you tell me when I should book it!!!! I can't thank you enough! We were treated like king and queen for 5 days!!! Best vacation that either one of us have had in our lives!!!! Great job!!! Thanks a million!

    Leigh – Sommerville, TN
  • Thank you for helping us plan a wonderful trip! We recommend your services to anyone who mentions they are planning a vacation. It is 100% worth having an expert lay the foundation of a trip so the vacation can focus on R&R.  

    Veronica and Gabe – Memphis, TN
  • We got back from our honeymoon in New Zealand. It was absolutely incredible! Thank you so much for doing a great job planning it! We will definitely recommend you to any friends who are looking to travel abroad.

    Kimberly and Michael – Houston, TX
  • Thank you for your assistance on our Australia trip!! The tours and excursions you arranged, each felt hand picked for us! The emails before the trip, the flights, hotels, activities—all amazing!! We can’t wait to share our trip—and your services.

    Colette and Kent – Mesa, AZ