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History, Landscapes, and Culture

Whether you are visiting Western Europe, Eastern Europe, or the Mediterranean the history, culture, food, and landscapes will not disappoint. There is so much richness to be explored whether you combine several countries or decide to immerse yourself in one.

Greece – Voted A Top 10 Best Travel Destination

Lying along the Aegean Sea, the ancient land of Greece, with it’s sun-bleached columns, endless coastlines, and delectable cuisine is sure to delight every traveler. Rich in mystery as well with myths and legends of Greek Gods and Goddesses. The perfect aphrodisiac!

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European Favorites

Top three most requested destinations

  • Italy

    Art, history, shopping, wine, food and tradition are just some of the things that pop to mind for this most requested travel destination. With some of the most varied and scenic landscapes, this boot-shaped country is perfect for families, couples, and groups.

  • Ireland

    A popular destination for self-drivers, the country does not disappoint with green rolling hills, magnificent cliffs, sheep road blocks and friendly welcome charm from the locals. Be sure to enjoy the local fare with your favorite pint at one of the many pubs.

  • England

    Bustling London, quaint towns, royal hierarchy, and stone circles – England delivers. Watch the royal guard, sip some tea, visit the gardens, and take a stroll along the Thames while you ponder life.