Journey to the Far Away

What do you think of when you think of exotic? For us, exotics often include those far, far, away places. Places you may never have heard the names of or deep on your bucket list as just a dream – we are here to get you to the unique, the unusual, the off-the-beaten path places that only a few venture to. Places such as Africa, Asia, the South Pacific Islands, and untouched corners of the earth. So, whatever exotic means to you, we are here to put the moving pieces in place.


Where safari dreams come to life. Wild lands and rich culture, Africa is like no other. Amazing wildlife will lead you on a search to spot the “The Big 5″ – the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and cape buffalo. Experience the many wonders on your carefully planned out itinerary.

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Some of the best dive sites lie amongst the coral reefs and rock formations. Make a stop at James Bond Island. While on land you will enjoy serene beaches, golden temples, a sea of mist, hot springs, and don’t forget the wonderful Thai cuisine.

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Cook Islands

This South Pacific paradise is perfect for couples and families. Plenty of activities to do and islands to explore. Enjoy sitting pool side with your favorite cocktail, kayaking the crystal blue waters, or go ATVing through the mud. There are always plenty of ways to find relaxation and enjoyment amongst the islands.

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Such a timeless place. Where health and energy are one concept. A place of tradition and strong cultural values. For those with flexible time the best is to visit in Spring or Fall when the temperatures and colors are some of the best. Make your plan now to visit the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

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