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Discover and Explore Australia

There really isn’t a bad time to visit Australia. Given its varying climates and close proximity to the equator, the when all depends on which regions you wish to visit. Obviously, you would not want to visit the “Outback” in February. Picking a time to go can often be dependent on whether you wish to attend one of the many fine festivities such as The Melbourne Cup which is held in November or The Australia Open held in January.

Picking what do to is purely up to you. Australia is as large as the continental US with as many diverse climates and activities to choose from. See iconic landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock, or Great Barrier Reef. Choose cultural indigenous experiences, ultimate winery experiences, or luxury experiences. Better yet, don’t choose at all and incorporate a taste of each in your vacation package.

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Immerse Yourself in Australia’s Unique Ways of Life

A major draw for Australia besides the fact they speak English it the fact that they embrace such a wonderful laid back way of life. “No Worries,” as they say. They are generous in spirit, have boundless optimism, embrace nature, and love a good tale. All this creates a recipe for an unforgettable experience.

  • Exotic Wildlife

    Australia has plenty of opportunity for encounters with iconic wildlife like learning about the history and behavior of koalas in the You Yangs. Visit them in their wild habitat.

  • Exciting Adventure

    Australia offers a wide selection of adrenalin pumping adventure trips due to the natural diversity of its vast outback, a treasure trove of marine life, ancient forests and unique wildlife.

  • Enticing Flavors

    Australia wine tours are a delight for the palette with 65 regions producing more than 100 different varieties of grapes. Events at premium wineries include art showings, private tastings, fine dining and winery education.

  • Endless Coastlines

    Australia is known for it’s abundance of coastal and aquatic experiences as the home of The Great Barrier Reef. Scuba diving, swimming, hiking and helicopter rides are several of the ways to explore.

  • Exciting Locals

    Some of the most memborable moments will come from visiting with Australia’s diverse indegenious communities. Learning about their culture will enrich any trip.