Sailing the Seven Seas

A Cruise for Everyone.


Cruising is a very popular mode of travel and for very good reason – the ability to visit several ports of call while experiencing several different cultures all in one trip is very appealing. The world of cruising is extremely diverse – from large ocean liners to intimate river boats – Boomerang Escapes can help you find the cruise of your dreams.

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River Cruising

River Cruising has gained in popularity over the past several years due to the ability to reach charming ports of call nestled along riverbanks that larger vessels are unable to access.

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Luxury Cruising

Luxury Cruising is perfect for those who are seeking an elevated experience when they travel. Guests can expect the highest level of attention to detail including exquisite decor, tantalizing cuisine, luxurious accommodations and top-notch service while on board.

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Windstar cruises are designed completely around the experiences of their guests. Windstar simply does not want to bring their passengers from port to port, they want to ensure that their guests are having authentic and fully immersive cultural experiences. Windstar holds much pride in having smaller vessels so that they are able to pay close attention to every detail and offer a superior level of service to their guests.

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Australis Expeditions

Australis Expedition Cruises is a luxury cruise line that is environmentally conscious and makes efforts to preserve and sustain the natural wonders that it explores. Australis specializes in navigating the waters through the fjords and channels of Tierra del Fuego, which is located in the Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia.

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