Passport for Your Palate-Barramundi

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A must try fish when visiting Australia is Barramundi. It is a hearty whitefish akin to Seabass. Barramundi is found in Australia’s northern tropical waters and Southeast Asia. There are also some fish farms and wild fisheries that supply the growing global market consumption. In Australia, you might also find this delicacy listed as ‘Passion Fish’ after a Aboriginal folklore in which the fish is supposed to have special aphrodisiac qualities.

Of course while best to dine on this tasty fish while visiting Down Under, you can find this fish in local US Markets at such places as Whole Foods and Costco. Like bass the Barramundi can be cooked in a variety of ways making it a great choice for the diner table and easy for most cooks to master. Barramundi can be fried, grilled, barbecued, baked, char-grilled or steamed. It is excellent served with a dressing of a lemon sauce, mustard, sauce or even something with Asian flare.

I think one of the easiest and simplest things to do is to bake it in foil with added seasonings or flavors. This is similar to the traditional Aboriginal method where they would wrap in the leaves of a wild ginger plant and bake in the hot ashes of the fire. Most vegetables work well as a side or just placing the filet on top of a bed of salad greens for serving.

Baked Barramundi

Preheat oven to 350 F degrees
Take out foil and lay onto a baking sheet. Place filet on foil.
Drizzle fish with olive oil and season. Get creative here and experiment with the flavors you like. I like to keep it simple with just some lemon juice and garlic and maybe a little thyme.

Wrap the foil around your filet. This step locks in the moisture for the fish
Place wrapped filet on baking sheet in over for approximately 20 minutes.
Remove filet and carefully unwrap. Plate with some steamed or sautéed greens. Baby red potatoes also make a nice addition. Again, it’s really up to you here.


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Lisa RossmeisslPassport for Your Palate-Barramundi
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