My BEST Mood-Boosting Tip

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I will come right out of the gate and tell you that music is my best mood-boosting tip.

I know you were expecting me to say travel. When I am off and about on one of my memorable trips, I can’t be anything but happy. However, the past year had us working to keep those spirits upbeat.  

I am more fortunate with a naturally happy state every day, but I do get down like the rest. The fastest way for me to shift gears is to turn the music up. We all know how music can elicit an array of memories and emotions, one of those being elation. We all have that song or songs that will instantly get us moving. I am very fond of pop and dance tunes that take me back to my days of clubbing. I love to dance. I go for artists like JLo, Pitbull, Shakira, and others and good rock classics. My artist tasted across the full musical genre. My choices always get my body moving. Before long, I forgot what even had me down, and I am ready to party. 

Here are three of my favorite ways to enjoy the tunes and super boost the mood.

  1. Take my nature walk up a notch by popping in the earbuds to my best motivational get-moving songs. One of my favorites to this day is “Danger Zone” from the Top Gun soundtrack. I used to run to it.  
  2. Have your own at-home dance party. I pop over to Youtube and find a song and turn it up. I turn my living and office space into a party. I love that Youtube seems to pick several in a row to go along with my first selection. Both one and two are also useful for shedding pounds too. 
  3. Turn it up in the car. Nothing beats a car ride with good tunes, especially if it is a day where you can have the windows and sunroof open too. My vehicle has Sirius XM. Soulcycle and the Pitbull stations these past months have been my favorites. The DJ’s morning wake-up shows are fantastic for getting you pumped. A twenty to thirty-minute ride, and I ready to face the day ahead. 

Lisa Rossmeissl is the owner of Boomerang Escapes, a home-based agency located in Old Bridge, New Jersey with agents in TN, MS, and WI. 

She has been a professional travel consultant since 2008 and specializes in Australia and the South Pacific. Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and Cook Islands are among the specialist certificates she holds.  Her agency’s focus is on creating custom itineraries with their client’s wants, desires, and budgets in mind.  She and her planners believe in getting to know the traveler to ensure they have a vacation to remember.  With each planner specializing in a different market area, Boomerang Escapes can offer a wide variety of leisure vacation planning.

Lisa RossmeisslMy BEST Mood-Boosting Tip
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