What Do I Do with a Butler?

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During a recent phone conversation with my friend and fellow travel agent Cheryl, from Bay Head Travel, I was inspired to write this blog. We were discussing how are clients are always wondering why they would want, need, or even what to ask their butler for. Clients always ask, “What types of things should I ask my butler to do?” “Will my butler always be around?”

Cheryl and I have both experienced a bit of the butler life. For me, my favorite thing was having my beverage cooler waiting for me at my beach cabana each day. And we will tell you, you only really see the butler or speak to the butler when you want to. They slip in and out, almost like ghost, going very unnoticed except for that which you have asked to be done. Now question is, what do you ask?

My specific experience and examples comes from the elite staff of butlers that Sandals and Beaches Resorts employ. I have had the pleasure as well as my clients to enlist their services. I have also had the pleasure during training trips to the resorts to meet butler staff in person and hear their stories. Now one thing to know is most butlers that you are encountering have gone through rigorous butler training. I know for a fact that all of the Sandals and Beaches Resorts butlers have been trained by The Guild of Professional English Butlers. So, let me share a few things you may of thought of and may not have thought of when it comes to enlisting your butler’s services.

Butlers are there from the get go. Typically contact begins with your butler prior to arrival either directly through you or your travel professional. On the front end they are finding out your favorites, dietary needs/restrictions, medical concerns or anything else that may be of importance in serving you. Upon arrival you are usually greeted with special transportation to your resort along with expedited check-in. Your butler will give you a communication device, usually a phone to reach them during your stay. Sometimes you many have more than one butler assigned to you. They are there to take your luggage and even unpack it for you if you’d like.

During your stay, here are several things to consider asking them to do:

  • Make all your dining reservations in advance
  • Schedule any excursions off property
  • Service you at the beach with your favorite beverages
  • Arrange for special spa treatment or romantic dinner
  • Clean or shine shoes
  • Iron your clothes
  • Draw a bath and have it waiting when you get back
  • Take care of any laundry you’d like to have done
  • Fetch something from the room you may have forgotten, such as a book or sun lotion
  • Add special room touches such as scented oils
  • Have your ice bucket filled every evening
  • Have your coffee ready and delivered in the morning
  • Have your evening drink poured
  • Unpack or pack suitcases

Just a handful of ordinary things to make your life easier and your vacation experience more restful. Vacations are all about taking a break from the daily grind. Your butler will also be there to make your departure a breeze. So, sit back, relax, and ask the butler to do it.

Lisa Rossmeissl is the owner of Boomerang Escapes, a home-based agency located in Old Bridge, New Jersey with agents in TN, MS, and WI. 

She has been a professional travel consultant since 2008 and specializes in Australia and the South Pacific. Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, and Cook Islands are among the specialist certificates she holds.  Her agency’s focus is on creating custom itineraries with their client’s wants, desires, and budgets in mind.  She and her planners believe in getting to know the traveler to ensure they have a vacation to remember.  With each planner specializing in a different market area, Boomerang Escapes can offer a wide variety of leisure vacation planning.

Lisa RossmeisslWhat Do I Do with a Butler?

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