Strategies to Be More Mindful

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Do you want to change something in your life but constantly get derailed onto other people’s paths?

Mindful living is the constant awareness in the present moment on purpose without judgment to achieve an understanding who we are and how we relate to the world.

I remember when I first learned this. It sounded so simple. I thought no big deal, I could do this. I wish I could say I found it easy. What I found was my mind was all over the place. I spent half of every hour bringing myself to the present moment. I’d be reading but thinking about the grocery list. I’d be grocery shopping thinking about the bills I have to get paid. I’d be walking down the hall at work to a meeting, thinking about what I have to get done after my meeting, and interrupt that thought with a judgment on someone’s outfit.

To get there I had to start doing things differently. Eventually I got the hang of it and getting there was well worth it. I found that as I practiced mindful living, the art of being aware in the present moment on purpose without judgment, an intense sense of relief and peace came over me. At first the feeling would only last for a short while, but years later I am happy to say I can sustain this sense for most the day. When I deviate the from the practice, I can tell immediately and shift my thoughts.

12 Strategies To Be More Mindful – These will help you stay attentive, balanced and calm:

1. Breathe. Your breath is incredibly powerful and the foundation of mindfulness. How you’re breathing reflects how you’re feeling, physically and mentally.
2. Create. Integrate creativity into your day and the way you do things. I love to cook and will often create a new recipes. Mindfulness really boosts your creative flow.
3.Disconnect. Set rules for use of digital devices. I stopped beginning and ending my day by checking emails. I also put my phone away when I’m with loved ones and eating.

4. Dream. Give yourself some time to just sit and wander from time to time. I know it seems this would not be mindful living. There have been studies that indicate the more mindful we live the better our dreams.
5. Eat well. Pay attention to what you put in your body. Make the best decision you can to nourish yourself. If you don’t enjoy something, don’t eat it.
6. Experiment. Try new things willingly and often. There’s nothing like totally being in the moment during a new experience. I got to zip line about a year ago and I was overwhelmed with such an intense feeling of joy and peace hanging above the Black Falls in Jamaica. I felt blessed to be in the presence of wild beauty.
7. Feel. Own your feelings and give yourself permission to feel them. This isn’t about stuffing your feelings so you can be happy all of the time. Remember not to judge yourself and resist how you feel.
8. Focus. Integrate mindfulness throughout your day by deliberately focusing on what you are doing. Studies show those who do this are 27% more productive.
9. Laugh. Finding a way to laugh at your problems can improve the way you deal with them.
10. Limitations. Limit the television you watch, the social media you chat on and on-line games you play. Too much of any of these has show to increase depression and insomnia.
11. Meditate. Meditation is not about having no thoughts, it’s about emptying your mind of thoughts.
12. Walk. Take walks to clear your mind, change your lens or perspective of a situation as a result your awareness is amplified.

During my talks I always dig deep into mindfulness. During one of the darkest times in my life, this mindfulness is what got me through. I firmly believe mindfulness is where anyone who wants to change anything in their life should start.

Question: How to do say mindful about your path, your goals, or your dreams?

Put It To Work: Practice mindfulness for a week. Notice how this transforms the way you experience everything. Morning walks or rides in the car, not looking back or forward, just being in that moment, with the momentum carrying you from one step to the next while you enjoy mindful living. Tell me what if feels like to life from that place.

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Carmen PerezStrategies to Be More Mindful

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