Little Penguins of Phillip Island

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I was first introduced to the Little Penguins at Featherdale Wildlife Park in August 2011 during my first trip to Australia. Featherdale is located just outside of Sydney and makes for a great day trip for visitors wanting to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most famous wildlife.

As our trip continued along the Southeast coast of Australia to Melbourne, I got the experience of a lifetime at Phillip Island, which is home to The Little Penguins.

Phillip Island has a wealth of activities for visitors to partake in with great landscape and wildlife. Some favorites are visits to the Churchill Island Heritage Farm and the Koala Conservation Centre, but Phillip Island has probably become most well known for the Penguin Parade. The island is one of the Little Penguins’ homes that come in each night to their nests.
The penguins are the smallest of all the penguin species. They have homes along the rocky coastlines of New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia’s southern coastline like Phillip Island. The penguins are under increased threat from non-native carnivores, and areas such as Phillip Island have become national parks that work to protect and conserve these tiny creatures.

Phillip Island has set up an amazing opportunity for educating visitors while allowing them an up close and personal glance at these cute creatures. This is an impeccable experience that allows visitors to see the creatures make their nightly trek up into the rocky shore banks to return to their nests. Hundreds or more birds each night come ashore and make their waddle to the nests. Visitors can choose from several watch options for viewing from the main area at Summerland Beach to personal guided eco-tours. My personal view back in 2011 was from the Penguin Plus Viewing Platform. I highly recommend spending the extra few dollars for a closer viewing station for a more intimate experience and a front-row seat.
Listening to the bird’s chatter and call out to one another as we watched them make their nightly journey was truly amazing. It didn’t even matter that we were getting wet in a light rain that had begun to fall. I was literally close enough to reach out and touch them but sadly was not allowed. Photography is not allowed either. However, the shop at the end of the tour has professional photographs available for sale in various formats. I took home several of the postcard photos, one of which you see here. Animal lover, bird lover, wildlife enthusiast, or not, you will love and be amazed by these little birds and their nightly trek home. Photo courtesy of


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Lisa RossmeisslLittle Penguins of Phillip Island

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