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Posted by: Lisa Rossmeissl on Tuesday, September 18, 2018 at 5:00:00 pm

Bennington Vermont

Vermont, if you weren't aware,  means Green Mountain and has been nicknamed the Green Mountain state. It was the 14th state in the Union and is located in New England in the north eastern Unite States.  It borders Canada to the North, Massachusetts to the South, New Hampshire to the East and New York to the West.  It is a state rich in history, culture, and art. It has many ties and markers that will bring you back to yester years.  It's has deep roots in history to The Revolution and is rich in personal history as my relatives have been here hundreds of years in the South West corner, in a town called Bennington.

Vermont has always called to me.  I have lived here 4 different times over the course of my 51 years and many a childhood memory as we would travel back from where we were living to celebrate holidays with the family.  The very house I sit in now as I compose this journal,  has been in our family since the early 1800s.  But more than the family connection, Vermont to me is a sensory experience that always delights.   I can remember driving from Wisconsin to Vermont for family visits. Year after year,  each drive I couldn't wait until we crossed the border to open the windows. The air just smelled so good.  Today, as I make the trek from New Jersey to Vermont, I still can't wait to hit those mountains. As soon as I get there it's like a big, aaaaah.  Can you imagine a place like that?  A place that instantly soothes and takes away your stress?

Welcome to Vermont


For me Vermont is that place and so many things more.  Vermont is where I learned how to ski, to ice skate, to swim, and to fish. It was my first experience camping,  and it's where my first two children were born.  It is a place of personal connection full of rich memories,  but to me Vermont is also an idyllic vacation spot as it awakens all the senses. It has an activity or interest for all. 

Vermont is endless shades of green upon gorgeous rolling mountains. It is the robust reds, oranges, and yellows as Autumn takes hold.  It is sleigh rides on winter white snow.  It is fresh air and dark clear starry nights. It is old covered bridges and quaint historic towns. It is babbling brooks, rolling rivers, and cascading waterfalls.  It is the smell of a wood fire burning stove and the sweet taste of maple.  It is endless outdoor fun no matter the season.  It is truly a place to make discoveries.

Fall Foilage

Sports, History, Art, Culture, Food and Drink are a plenty. Just pick your season.  What are you waiting for?



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