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Pavlova or sometimes referred to as Pav is a popular suburban dessert, named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.     A Pavlova consists of a large, soft, centered meringue filled with cream and topped with fruit. You can find this delectable dessert on the menus of restaurants throughout Australia and New Zealand as it is popular to serve during celebratory meals and holidays such as Christmas lunch. Some say the difference between an Australian Pavlova and a Pavlova from New Zealand is the fruit they use on top. New Zealander's, often referred to as Kiwi's because of their national bird, the Kiwi, of course use the kiwi fruit as their topping where in Australia it tends to be strawberries. However, Pavlova, is not just served differently in these two South Pacific nations, but there seems to be a rather heated debate on who is responsible for the creation of this famed dessert.

Ask a local from either country and they will declare their nation was the first nation to make this recipe. Each country claims to be the first to introduce this dessert after the ballerina's visit. The Russian ballet dancer did tours in both countries during the 1920's. What can be found in history records and cookbooks of the times suggests that New Zealand may be the true originator of this recipe. {Records show that Keith Money, a biographer of Anna Pavlova, wrote that a hotel chef in Wellington, New Zealand, created the dish when Pavlova visited there in 1926 on her world tour.

However, further research conducted by Dr Andrew Paul Wood, a New Zealander, and Australian Annabelle Utrecht shows that this recipe originated in Germany and was later brought to America.}* No matter who created the dessert the recipe today is enjoyed by millions. I encourage you to try. I've included a version for you to try.


Pavlova Recipe Step-by-Step Intructions


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