3 Adventure Sports Invented in New Zealand

Posted by: Lisa Rossmeissl-Boomerang Escapes on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 at 12:00:00 pm

Bungee Jumping Queenstown

clientuploads/zorbatsunset.jpg3 Adventure Sports invented in New Zealand

 In what would appear to be a sedate country where you can find yourself in conversation with a stranger on the bus, New Zealand has set it's claim as a world renowned adventure spot.  In this picturesque back drop of mountains, water rapids, rivers, lakes, and fields, New Zealanders, each day,  think up new ways to manufacture that adrenaline rush. If you are an adrenaline junky, then you might want to skip yourself to the Southern Hempisphere for a try at one of these adventures.

Bungy Jumping New Zealand's most famous sporting export after the All Blacks screams craziness.  This sport was invented in 1986 by A J Huckett, when he took one "small step" off  Auckland's Greenhithe Bridge.  The sport went commerical within a couple of years as he bated tourists and charged them to repeat this great trick in Queensland. 

Zorbing  Ever desired to roll yourself down a hill encased in a ball? David and Andrew Akers did when they established the first zorbing site in Rotorua.  Generally performed on a gentle slope, but can be done on flat lands while some operators have developed special ramps.  Zorbing can be done single, double or even triple depending on if it is harnessed or non-harnessed.  Longest runs are about a half-mile.

Jet Boating Suitable for all ages and enjoyed year round Jet Boating has been with us since its inception in 1954 by Sir William Hamilton. The Shotover Jet, located in Queenstown, is New Zealand's iconic jet boat.  It has serviced over 3 million people since 1970. Brace yourself as you power through gorges, skim across the surface and weave among the banks of braided rivers.

Are you ready? Then sit back, buckle yourself in and feel the exhilaration that only New Zealand can deliver! 

*The Ledge Bungy photo by AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

* Zorb at Sunset photo by Zorb Rotorua


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